Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter-1 - Beginning of sorrows

The glory of His Cross!
Let us bear our crosses and follow our Lord

Pappa Shankar passed through a fiery furnace of afflictions throughout her life.  She wished and prayed that no other woman in this world should suffer like her. Having been deserted by her husband, she carried her cross and followed her Master.  Cross-bearing is the privilege of every disciple of Christ. Christianity is not merely a life of comfort and enjoyment of divine blessings like miracles, divine healings, material prosperity.  But it is a life of self-denial and of constant sacrifices for the Church, the Body of Christ.

Birth and marriage of Pappa Shankar:
The parents of Pappa Shankar had not been blessed with any child.  All the babies born, except the elder sister of Pappa Shankar, died one after another.  The Lord protected the womb that bore her. When she was three years old, her mother died. Then she was brought up by her father under the care of elder sister.  Pappa Shankar could not be educated due to poverty. Her father married off her to a man. Though her father gave dowry in the form of gold jewels to her husband, the latter snatched away her jewels and began to beat and harass her.  In the meantime, her first son was born. At that time, Pappa Shankar did not know the Lord. She was following the Hindu religion.
The sister of her husband alongwith her own husband lived in her house. Her husband alongwith his sister's family started persecuting Pappa Shankar.  They conspired to murder her.  They threatened her with death if she did not leave the house. In the meantime, she was blessed with a second male child. 
On the advice of her sister, her husband invoked the powers of evil spirits through witchcraft just to get rid of "the curse on Pappa Shankar".  They performed a special ceremony on her by sacrificing a hen.  As a result of this, she became very ill, and was confined to death-bed for two years. Then they dragged her from the house and confined her and her children to a small hut near the house.
When some Christian believers came to know about this, they visited her hut and prayed for her. For two years, they visited her and ministered to her when she was bed-ridden.  One day, her condition grew worse and she was about to die. One dear sister, namely, Hepsibah Ponniah Soundari and her group, came there and travailed in prayers to God. One dear servant of God, namely Jeevanandam, was also called in to pray for her deliverance.  Brother Jeevanandam claimed God's promise in Isaiah 35:3 - "Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees".  God heard the prayer of this dear servant of God and strengthened her weak hands and confirmed her feeble knees.  He lifted her up from the bed in the Name of Jesus and she stood.  Then they carried her to a fasting prayer meeting.  Afterwards, Pappa Shankar started experiencing the healing power of God in her body.  She was healed completely in 6 months. But the fear of death stalked her because she had not experienced salvation through Christ Jesus.
Her woes began to increase manifold. She had no food to eat. She had no cot to sleep. She had none to help her. Brother Jeevanandam, the servant of God who prayed for her deliverance, had prophesied that those who involved the powers of witchcraft against Pappa Shankar would reap what they had sown. His words of prophecy came to pass. The husband of the sister of her husband died. Since this man died, they brought the daugter of this dead man to the house just to take care of her marriage.  Then Pappa Shankar and her children were driven out of the hut in the premises. She alongwith her children started living near the doorstep of the house like a dog.  Unable to bear the brunt of her agony, she decided to end her life.
Tryst with death
In order to end her life, she ate some poisonous fruits mixed with gingeli oil.  After consuming it, she started to vomit blood.  The Christian believers who were earlier praying for her arrived there when the Holy Spirit revealed this to them.  Her two sons fell on her body and wept when she was dying. They immediately took her to the nearby Government hospital. Her husband just watched this incident as an onlooker without doing any help. The doctors who examined her predicted that she would expire before 10 a.m. the following day. They also informed that they would hand over her dead body only after conducting post-mortem on it. But, the Christian believers started throughout the night with a great burden. To the great astonishment of all, she opened her eyes in the morning of the following day. Then, she started recovering and was discharged from the hospital in 7 days.
Her husband threatened her that if she came home alive, he would kill her.  She replied to him that if God willed, she would be alive; otherwise, she would die very soon.
Second attempt to suicide and encounter with Jesus
She was feeding her two children and herself with the paltry sum that she earned out of a business of making roof with the straw of paddy fields. They slept on the roadside near their house. At night, they heard the noise of foxes emanating from the nearby forest. They could not sleep. Nobody would open his house when knocked at this night time. Pappa Shankar then decided to end her life in a different way and not in the earlier manner of consuming poison.  This time, she decided to kill her children also. She decided to fall into a well alongwith her children. She remembered Jesus Christ at that time and thought that if Jesus Christ or any of the Hindu gods or goddesses would meet her, she would dedicate her life to that god. Then she tied her two children around her waist through a rope and jumped into the well.
When she jumped into the well with her children at about 9 p.m, a miracle happened.  Some power descended on her like a lightening and threw her and her children away from the mouth of the well. There was none there. She heard a voice three times calling her, "My daughter".  When she looked up, she saw a cross in the midst of the cloud. She saw a Person attired in a white robe descend from this cross and came near her. Then that Person wiped off her tears. She asked Him, "Sir, who are You?". That Person replied, "I am your Lord. You shall not weep from now onwards. Since you are illiterate and have not gone to the school, I will grant you five spiritual gifts.  These are the gifts. (i) As you lay your hands on the sick, they shall recover (ii) You shall speak out words out of My wisdom (iii) You shall prophesy (iv) My grace and power will never depart from you (v) You shall preach"
Pappa Shankar then received Jesus Christ as her Savior. When she opened her eyes after hearing the above message from Jesus, she saw her two children lying in a ditch full of muddy water by her side. She picked up her children from the ditch and reached home. The first portion she read from the Bible was from Jeremiah 1:5-10. God spoke to her from this passage and told her, "I will lead you wonderfully".  When she narrated the whole incident to her husband and told him that God had given her these five gifts, he did not accept her words and drove her along with her children away from the house. She was perplexed and did not know where to go with her two children. She then hired a small hut near the house on a monthly rent of Rs.3/- and lived with her children in that hut for 3 years. She earned her livelihood by doing the small business of making roofs out of the straw. Her husband still persecuted her.  He set fire to her clothes.  Without any clothes of covering over her body, she hesitated to go outside.
One day, she began to seek the face of the Lord with a real burden and prayed throughout the whole day.  At about 11 p.m, the Holy Spirit came upon her and anointed her mightily.  God spoke to her face to face and promised to use her through signs and wonders.