Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter - 9 : Some notable miracles - barren wombs blessed

Mr.Roberts with his daughter Caroline Lydia

God performed supermiracles through the hands of Pappa Shankar.  We are giving only a few testimonies for the glory of God.
One Mrs.Yele Roberts from Nigeria was admitted to Padma Hospital in Chennai for delivery.  But she could not deliver the baby on time.  Mr.Robert rushed to Pappa Shankar for help.  Pappa Shankar immediately went to the hospital, laid her hands on Mrs.Yele Robert's abdomen  and sincerely prayed. Within two minutes of her prayers, Mrs.Roberts delivered a beautiful girl baby.  Pappa Shankar named this baby as Caroline Lydia. In the first picture, you can see Mr.Robert and the child.
Dr.John Paul Judson was the Chief Medical Officer in the Government General hospital at Chennai.  His wife was barren for eight years.  After the prayers of Pappa Shankar, a girl baby was born to them.  In the second picture, you can see Pappa Shankar and this little girl.
Mrs.Benny Prince was unable to deliver the baby in Pandaly Nursing Home. Pappa Shankar was informed of this. She immediately rushed to the said Nursing Home for prayers.  The doctors allowed her to enter the Operation Theatre itself for prayers. God heard her prayers and blessed Mrs.Benny Prince with a beautiful girl baby.

Pappa Shankar with the child of Dr.John Paul Judson