Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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About Us/Contact Us

Dearly beloved in Christ Jesus,
Pappa Shankar, a woman of God, was used by God mightily during 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.  God still uses her mightily. But due to her old age, she is unable to go to far off places and other places for ministry.  She has 2 sons and 2 daughters, all married. She now lives alone.   Her husband who was living separately expired in December, 2005.
On the first saturday of every month, she conducts a fasting and prayer meeting and many people are being blessed by God during this meeting. She publishes a monthly magazine, namely, "Siluvai En Thanjam" (meaning "Cross, my refuge"). Though it is a magazine of a few pages as she cannot afford to publish a magazine of many pages, it contains prophetic messages. She leads a very simple life today.  Pappa Shankar lives in a small house at Chennai.
We exhort you to minister to her in every possible way.  It is our duty to take care of those servants of God who are now old. 
If you are led by the Holy Spirit to help her, you may draw the cheque/demand drafts in favour of "Pappa Shankar" and send the same to the following address:
Sis.Pappa Shankar,
No.38, Solai Street,
Chennai-60 00 23
Tamil Nadu (India)
You can also send her your precious gifts through Western Union Money Transfer in her name. Please email us the MTCN number after sending the money. You can also transfer your precious gift to her bank account through electronic transfer.  Details of her bank account, etc. are given below:
Name: Mrs.Pappa Shankar,
Name of the Bank: Indian Overseas Bank, India
Name of the Bank's branch: Ayanavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Savings Bank Account No.9833
Pappa Shankar does not know any other language, except her mother language Tamil.  However, she can converse in Telugu and Malayalam. Since she does not operate computer,  she has no email id. If you want her to pray for you or to minister to you, you may contact us.  Those who are in Tamil Nadu can talk to her on phone and can visit her at the above address after fixing up an appointment with her directly on her telephone 044-26441696.
You can post your prayer requests to Pappa Shankar Ammal in our prayer book which appears below:

With prayers and love,
Yours in His service,
Job Anbalagan, Delhi
Mobile: 09810588244
Brother Peter Rajan, Chennai
Mobile: 09840721700

Job Anbalagan and family

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