Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Letter written by late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Ex-Prime Minister of India, to Pappa Shankar

As we are aware, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by some extremists in Sriperumpudur, Tamil Nadu, on 21st May, 1991.  This letter was written by him to Pappa Shankar on 4th April, 1991. In his type-written letter, Rajiv Gandhi requested Pappa Shankar to "pray for me" in his own hand.


Rajiv Gandhi

10 Janpath, New Delhi-110011
April 04, 1991
Dear Sister Pappa Shankar,
You have in the past few months shared your views and suggestions with me and your letter has given me some thought provoking ideas.
In the past fifteen months of 'political experiment' we have all undergone 'political turmoil' and our country has been left directionless.  Our problems have increased greatly with the uncertainty which has vexed everyone.  Non-Congress Governments have failed and they have brought the country to the brink of disaster.  Internationally too, we have lost our standing and the credibility which had been consolidated by Panditji and Indiraji has been eroded.
We took the decision to support the Janata Das (S) last year because the atmosphere was charged with communal tension and our country could ill afford elections.  We trusted the Janata Dal (S) despite certain policy decisions taken by that Government which were against the basic tenets of the Congress.
Unfortunately, there was a total breach of trust when we found that surveillance was being carried out at my home.  Our request for action against the persons involved was not acceded to by the very Government we supported. 
Total trust and faith is very important for effective functioning in Government and when such a breach takes place, it is extremely difficult to restore any such relationship.  And yet, we reiterate that we did not withdraw support and exercised great restraint.  It was the Prime Minister's unilateral decision to resign.
For any country to progress, there has to be a stable Government with clear cut policies.  We, the Congress, have in the past displayed such stability whereas other Governments have failed to do so.
I am confident that with your support and the support of your friends and colleagues we can form a stable Goverment at the Center and can work hard together to build a strong and progressive India - the India of our dreams.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Sd/- Rajiv Gandhi
Please pray for me (written in own hand writing)