Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Ch.11 - Latest testimonies of people blessed by God through Pappa Shankar

Miracle on a cargo ship stuck up on the sea/A dumb girl spoke/Miacle in a pit dug for a bore well/Delivered from demon possession/Healed of cancer/Blessed with a baby son/A woman delivered from 127 evil spirits

In this page, you can read latest testimonies of those who have been blessed by God through the ministry of Pappa Shankar. God still uses this woman of God for His glory.  One of the five gifts granted by God to Pappa Shankar when the latter received the divine call in her life is that the power and grace of God would never depart from her.   

Miracle of  a cargo ship stuck up in the middle of the sea started functioning
One dear sister Melba from Nagercoil has reported during April 2004 a testimony of miracle that happened.  A merchant ship which was run by them got stuck at Cuttack harbour in Orissa State.  It was there for four months.  It could not be repaired despite the fact that many technical experts did their best to revive it. At that time, Pappa Shankar visited a house in Nagercoil where Sister Melba met her.  When she requested Pappa Shankar to pray for a miracle, the latter asked Melba to get in touch with the captain and the crew of the ship through a mobile phone. Pappa Shankar requested the captain and others to lift up their hands towards the heaven and to join with her in prayers. After finishing her prayer, she asked the captain to start the ship. What a miracle! The ship started moving.
A dumb girl delivered from an evil spirit
One dear sister, namely, Saras, has reported from Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu during February 2005 that her daughter aged 6 years became dumb all of a sudden. Saras took her daughter to a fasting and prayer meeting held by Pappa Shankar in Arakonam.  During the meeting, Pappa Shankar received a word of knowledge and called this sister by name and told, "Saras, Jesus calls you. Though many doctors examined your daughter,  she could not be healed. Come to the stage". Then Saras took her daughter to the dais and Pappa Shankar laid her hands on her daughter and rebuked the "dumb spirit" in Jesus' Name. Then the child was delivered from the evil spirit and was healed.
Miracle in the pit dug for a bore well 

One brother, namely, P.Palace Sunder Raj reported from Chennai during June 2004 that due to the water scarcity in Chennai, they faced this acute problem. Since the wells surrounding his house had dried up, he wanted to put a bore well.  Pappa Shankar came to his house and showed that particular place for putting the bore well and told them that they would get very good water from this place. After digging the ground upto a depth of 58 feet, the auger i.e. the boring tool broke down and a part of it got embedded in the earth. Pappa Shankar told them not to worry and gave oil after praying over it. As this oil was poured into the pit, the broken part of the auger came out of the water miraculously within 10 minutes. Then this brother requested Pappa Shankar to give him a bottle of oil prayed over by her.  He wanted to use this oil for delivering the people from sicknesses.  Pappa Shankar acceded to her request and this brother used this oil for performing miracles in the midst of the Hindu people.

“I was healed of demon possession”


I am a Hindu.  My name is Mohan. I had strongly believed in the deity of a Hindu goddess Adhi Parasakthi of Mel Marivathur, Tamil Nadu, India.  My father is one of the leaders of this sect. My family lives in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. I am working as a Government Servant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. All of a sudden, I became ill and my legs and hands ceased to function; my ears also did not function. I thus became bedridden. My parents and my mother-in-law sought divine healing by praying to our goddess.  For this purpose, my father took “Kavadi” – a penance of carrying a wooden arch on head, walking over a long distance and reaching the temple.  They also used to undertake a penance of piercing their tongues with a sharp iron rod and a penance of rolling themselves on a hot bed of coal on fire. They also spent a lot of money on charity. I was treated medically by many doctors but to no avail. At that time, a Christian met me and asked me to participate in the fasting-cum-prayer meeting being held by Pappa Shankar Ammal once a month on the first Saturday.  Accordingly, I attended this meeting.  I was sitting on the back row in this meeting. Pappa Shankar Ammal could not see me.  However, she called me by name and said, “Mohan, rise up and walk”. The people who were present in the meeting were taken by a surprise. The Lord Jesus healed me.


My mother-in-law who stays in Trichy also attended the prayer meeting held by Pappa Shankar Ammal subsequently. Pappa Shankar Ammal was inspired by the Holy Spirit to advise my mother-in-law not to venture going out without wearing her sandals.  However, one day, the latter forgot to wear her sandals while going out. She trampled on a live cobra. Then the cobra started chasing her. At that time, she cried out, “Oh Jesus whom Pappa Shakar Ammal worships”.  The snake immediately stopped chasing her.


“I was healed of cancer”


My name is Mala. I was suffering from cancer for a number of years and I was ultimately reduced to a thin body of skin and bones.   At that time, Pappa Shankar Ammal held a fasting-cum-prayer meeting in a place called “S.R. Gate” in Arakonam, Tamil Nadu on a second Saturday.  I was carried to this place for divine healing. I was laid down on a corner. Pappa Shankar Ammal after praying for the healing of other sick people came to me for prayers. She commanded the decease of cancer to go from my body in the name of Jesus Christ. A power struck my body and I was immediately healed. This miracle came as a great surprise to the doctors who treated me.


“I was blessed with a baby son”


My name is Parimala. I was barren for many years. My parents and my parents-in-law were very much worried about this. At that time, I attended the fasting-cum-prayer meeting held by Pappa Shankar Ammal in Arakonam, Tamil Nadu. During the meeting, Pappa Shankar Ammal due to divine revelation told that there were about 32 barren women present in the meeting. She asked them to come forward for prayers.  I was one of them. She prayed for me and gave me “prayer oil”.  Within a month of her prayer, I became pregnant.  The Lord Jesus has now blessed me with a baby son. I thank Pappa Shankar Ammal for her prayers.


A testimony of a woman delivered from 127 evil spirits

"My name is Packiam. I was born in a Hindu family. For 16 years, I was possessed and tormented by the Devil. I was living in the graveyard. I was eating the ashes of the dead bodies burnt on the cremation grounds. Nobody dared to come near me. I was howling like a wolf at night and roaming about the graveyard. At that time, my family members came to know about the deliverance meeting held by Pappa Shankar Ammal in Arakonam, Chennai. Then they took Pappa Shankar Ammal to the graveyard. On seeing her, I was shocked. I cried out asking her not to come near me. I saw a light descend on me. Pappa Shankar Ammal came near me and prayed. Immediately, all the 127 evil spirits in my body fled. I have been set free from these evil spirits by the power of Christ Jesus. I now live for the true God".

The above testimony has really touched our hearts. A dear woman of God, aged 75 years, who is used by God mightily through signs and wonders, went to the graveyard to deliver a single woman from the clutches of the Devil, when many servants of God do not choose to minister to individuals but to multitudes. In His ministry, Jesus cared for individuals and delivered them personally. Let us follow the footsteps of our Master while ministering.

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