Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter 2 - Ministry in the midst of persecution

The ministry of Pappa Shankar was attested by God with signs and wonders.  Though her husband constantly harassed her, she stood under the shadow of the Cross and ministered to thousands.

Pappa Shankar

Pappa Shankar wore a Saree gifted to her by the owner of her house and came out of her house for God's work. She began her first ministry in the house of a post master who lived nearby. He was possessed by a feminine demon called "Mohini".  On seeing her, the demon in the body of this person started screaming. The demon testified, "You are the daughter of God who came to drive me out of this body".  Pappa Shankar rebuked the demon in the Name of Jesus Christ and she (Mohini) left the body of the post master.
Some women of God also joined her in the ministry. As they ministered to many in the city of Chennai, evil spirits were cast out and sick people healed.  She and her team received invitations from many churches in the city.
When she returned home with the offerings she received from the people, her huband snatched the same from her hands and went away. One day, she ministered in a church at the Red Hills and stayed there for the ministry. Her husband visited her there and stayed with her for the night.  When Pappa Shankar saw him off from the terrace of the church,  he pushed her down from the terrace. She fell down and one of her legs fractured due to the fall. She remained with the fractured leg for a long time and ministered to God. Many people of God came forward to help her and gave her food and clothes.  

When the famous evangelist Balasir Lawrie held revival meetings in Chennai during 1966, he prophesied that God would use Pappa Shankar mightily in the days to come. Then her father, namely Shankar, saw the growth of her ministry and decided to stay with her.  He comforted her. At that time, a third female baby was born to her. At that time, she was suffering from tuberculosis. Her husband did not give her proper food. Pappa Shankar wished and prayed that no woman on this earth should suffer like her.

Her ministry grew by leaps and bounds. In the meantime, she was blessed with a third female baby. As her children began to grow, they resisted their father. Her husband continued to persecute them and took away all their things.  When she argued with him, he hit her head with a stick and left. Then he started living separately along with another family and gave away all his income to that family. But God was with her and took care of her and her children.
In a town in Tamil Nadu, namely Palladam, she ministered to about one lakh people assembled there.  At that time, she carried her young child to the meeting. Some people who were inimical to the gospel of Christ in that town opposed her ministry.  After some days, cholera disease broke out in Palladam and many people perished due to divine wrath.
In a place called "Thiruverumbur" near Trichy town in Tamil Nadu, some people attempted to kill her by shooting at her when she ministered there. But God saved her miraculously. The gun shots missed her. She fled from the dais of the meeting, ran to the forest and escaped from the hands of her enemies. God thus saved her from the enemies of the gospel.