Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter 3 - A ministry of supermiracles and healings

God saved thousands and performed supermiracles through the hands of Pappa Shankar. 

Pappa Shankar ministering to the lost souls
Thousands thronged to hear her and to witness miracles

God began to bless the ministry of Pappa Shankar in an amazing manner.  He revealed hidden secrets to her like the Old Testament prophets received revelations. The gift of calling people by their names was manifested through her ministry. This gift is in operation through some evangelists in Tamil Nadu.  God gave her revelations in respect of people to whom she ministered.
Ministry in Andhra Pradesh
Since her husband persecuted her and spoiled her name by spreading a canard about her in the State of Tamil Nadu, she wept to God bitterly. The Lord commanded her to go to the State of Andhra Pradesh for ministry. She did not know anybody in Andhra Pradesh.  However, she obeyed God and ministered in Andhra Pradesh for about 12 years.  She used to go to Andhra Pradesh from Tamil Nadu by train for His work. The people of God in Andhra Pradesh encouraged and helped her. Then she prayed to God for opening doors in the state of Tamil Nadu.  God heard her prayers and opened many doors for her.
Miracles in Chennai
One senior officer working for the Tamil Nadu Housing Board, namely, Brother Inbaraj, lost his eye sight.  He was brought to her for prayers. As she prayed for him, God healed him instantaneously.  Upon this miracle, Inbaraj asked her what she wanted him to do for her. She requested him to arrange for a big meeting in a big auditorium at Periyar Thidal, Chennai.  He immediately arranged for it. One Brother John who was the friend of Brother Inbaraj financed this meeting. Many miracles took place during this meeting. Then she received invitations for holding meetings in Trichy and other towns in Tamil Nadu. God delivered hundreds from diseases like cancer, kidney failure, etc.
One dear sister, namely, Lilly, had no child for about 18 years because she was possessed of 110 evil spirits. Pappa Shankar cast out of her all these evil spirits in the Name of Jesus Christ. Afterwards, Lilly was blessed with three children. Another lady, namely Miss Asirvadham was admitted to the Railway Hospital, Chennai for a surgery for removing a tumor in her brain. Pappa Shankar was taken to the hospital for prayers. As she prayed, Lilly was healed without undergoing the surgery.
Miracle in Vellore, Tamil Nadu
One servant of God, namely Pastor David was admitted to the Christian Medical College, Vellore, for a surgery for cancer. The Holy Spirit asked her to pray for him at 7.30 a.m. on a particular day.  At that time, this pastor was praying with tears. As she prayed for him, a miracle happened in the hospital.  A spark of fire came from heaven and touched that particular organ in his body which was affected by cancer.  The cancerous growth was burnt and he was healed instantaneously.
Miracle in Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu
She went to a town in Tamil Nadu, called Rajapalayam for ministry. The family members of a Christian family in this town were warned by Pappa Shankar against going out of their house on a particular day as she had received a word of knowledge that some untoward incident would take place for them if they ventured to go out. One young boy, namely, Rajappa, belonging to this family did not heed to her warning but mocked at her. However, the other members of this family obeyed her words. On that fateful day, Rajappa went out on his bicycle alongwith his friends. When he was driving his bicycle on a bridge, a bullock cart laden with straw came from the opposite direction. When he gave side to this cart, he slipped over the bridge and fell down from the bridge. In this terrible accident, he sustained head injuries. He was very serious.  The doctors attending on him gave up all hopes of recovery. The parents of Rajappa approached Pappa Shankar. Pappa Shankar wrestled with God in prayers.  At that time, a miracle happened. A ray of light descended on Rajappa and healed him instantaneously.  After this miraculous healing, Rajappa committed his life into the hands of Christ Jesus and became a servant of God.
Miracle in Arakonam, Tamil Nadu
A meeting was held in the town of Arakonam. A couple, namely, Royal Jayandhi and his wife, Sakuntala, attended this meeting out of curiosity to witness the miracles. Brother Rayal Jahandhi who was suffering from a serious disease planned to go to the Christian Medical College for a surgery.  During the meeting, Pappa Shankar received a word of knowledge and called this brother by name. When this brother came to the dais, she prayed for his healing.  He was healed by God instantaneously.
After a year, his wife, Sakuntala, became ill and was admitted to the Christian Medical College, Vellore for treatment. Pappa Shankar visited her in the hospital and prayed for her with tears. God healed her miraculously.
Miracle in Thanjavur 

Pappa Shankar held a meeting at a place called Thilagar Thidal in the town of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. One senior IAS officer (a government officer belonging to Indian Administrative Services), namely, Judson Abel, was sitting under a tree along with his wife.  Pappa Shankar received a word of knowledge and called the wife of this officer by name. She revealed that this woman was suffering from cancer and asked her to come to the dais for receiving the divine healing. But the officer grew suspicious thinking that it could be the trick of mesmerism and went away along with his wife. After finishing this meeting, Pappa Shankar went to the state of Andhra Pradesh for the ministry.  In the meantime, the wife of this officer complained of chest pain and the doctors who examined her informed them that she was suffering from cancer. Upon this, the couple came to the house of Pappa Shankar for prayers.  But she was not there because she had gone to Andhra Pradesh for the ministry of a long duration. In the meantime, this woman expired.  When she was on her deathbed, she requested her husband Judson Abel to send offerings to Pappa Shankar regularly.  To fulfill the last wish of her beloved wife, Judson Abel started sending offerings to Pappa Shankar.

Miracles in YMCA ground, Vepery, Chennai

Pappa Shankar conducted five days' meeting in the YMCA ground at Vepery from 9th to 13th February, 1983.  Many miracles were performed by the power of God through her.  She revealed the sicknesses of many people who attended the meetings. She called them by name. Many people possessed of evil spirits were set free.  On the last day of the meeting, a man from Gujarat testified that his son was healed of the disease, namely, Foramen Oval (hole in the heart).  A woman who did not walk for 10 years due to  paralytic attack walked on the stage without anyone's help. 

(as reported by Dr.R.Jaya Kumar)