Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter 4 - Power of God against magicians

Pappa Shankar was popularly known for the ministry of delivering many from demons and evil spirits.  Many magicians through their powers of darkness attempted to kill her and to prevent the power of God from flowing through her ministry. But they failed miserably.

Deliverance crusade
A great crowd attended the meetings of Pappa Shankar

In the town of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, Pappa Shankar held an evangelical meeting. Wall-posters with her pictures were displayed on the walls in this city. A powerful magician, namely Raju, walked by a road which displayed a wall-poster.  The picture of Pappa Shankar called the magician by name.  On hearing the voice calling him, "Raju, stop", he stopped and looked around to see who called him by name. Since he could not see any person there, he walked ahead over a little distance. Then again he heard the same voice talking to him, "Oh, Raju, stop for a while".  He then realised that it emanated from the wall-poster. The wall-poster now talked to him very clearly, "Will you attend my meeting tonight?". Raju, the magician, said, "Yes".  On that evening, Raju reached the venue of the meeting after performing his ceremonies of black-magic. He came there with his magical tools like human skeleton, lemon, etc. He began to invoke his magical powers. He threw a special powder called "Vibuthi" in Tamil language, at her.  Nothing untoward happened to Pappa Shankar. After some time, he fell down before the dais.
In the meantime, another magician from the state of Kerala was brought in to disturb the meeting. This magician brought a lot of magical tools like eggs, brass rods, "Vibuthi" and stood before the dais to challenge her. He called her and told, "Oh, ye dog, come down". Then he started flinging these magical objects, one by one, at her.  To his great surprise, nothing happened. He also fell down before the dais. Later, he confessed that he was hired for a sum of Rs.10,000 by her enemies.  Then he asked Pappa Shankar to pray for him and he left the meeting after her prayers.  The whole town came to know about this miracle and thronged to hear her message.  The meeting continued there for 5 days and God performed many miracles through her. After the meetings, the people of this town took her in an open jeep through the town and honoured her with their gifts.  God was thus glorified in that town.
When Pappa Shankar held a meeting in the town of Arakonam, Tamil Nadu, a magician, named Latif Sahib, came to the dais and testified that though he performed all kinds of black magic against her for five days, he could not succeed and that he saw the power of God surround the dais.  He could not go near her and saw Jesus Christ stand by her side.