Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter 5 - Wild elephants obeyed her!


She was travelling in a hired van to a hill-station in Tamil Nadu, namely, Valparai.  A truck was going ahead of her van. A herd of wild elephants encountered the truck.  Two rogue elephants from the herd attacked the truck.  The occupants of the truck including its driver fled the truck and took shelter in her van. Then the elephants approached her van to attack it. She raised her hands towards the elephants and spoke to them, "Ye, elephants, you and I were created by God.  Do not harm us!". On hearing her words, the elephants lifted up their trunks as a token of their agreement and went away. The onlookers who witnessed this scene thought that she and others who traveled in the van would be killed by the wild elephants. But God saved them.
The people who attended the meeting in the town of Valparai in that evening glorified God for this miracle.