Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter 6 - A demoness and a legion of evil spirits cast out !

Evil spirits being cast out!

In response to an invitation, Pappa Sbankar and her team went to a town called Mathikod in Tamil Nadu for ministry. Upon reaching this town, she asked the organizers of the meeting whether they had arranged the meeting.  They informed her that only after she had gone to the place where they would erect the dais for the meeting and prayed for God's blessings upon this particular place, they would arrange the meeting. When she wanted to know the reason for this, she was informed that a powerful demoness, namely, Ezekki, was hindering the work for construction of a church at this place though the Christians of that village bought the land for the purpose of building a church and that whosoever had gone and prayed at this place, he or she would fall ill and would suffer.
Pappa Shankar and her team reached this place with a plough for digging this place.  As they dug this place, they came across some objects of worship dedicated to this demoness. After prayers, they removed the same from the earth.
Afterwards, the meeting was arranged to be held in the evening. When the meeting was in progress, an evil man made a debut and ran to the dais shouting at her and saying, "You had hit me with your plough.  I will now drink your blood".  On seeing this ferocious man approach the dais, Pappa Shankar immediately commanded him to stop in the Name of Jesus Christ.  At once, he fell down with a bang. She prayed to God for sending fire from the Heaven to remove him from that place. That man shrieked , ran away and fell into a nearby pond.  People thought that he would die. But God saved him and later he became a servant of God.  He ministered to the people from the surrounding areas and delivered many from diseases. A great joy was felt in that town.  A church was later constructed there and God was glorified in that town.
The following day, a woman possessed of many evil spirits was brought to the meeting. The evil spirits could not be cast out of her earlier.  She was brought in chains and was seated silently.  When Pappa Shankar climbed the dais, that woman shrieked and approached the dais. As soon as she came near Pappa Shankar, she fell down.  Pappa Shankar spoke to the evil spirits, "Who are you?". They replied, "We are many. It will take a long time for us to reveal all our names to you". Immediately, she commanded the evil spirits to come out of the body of that woman. 
The parents of this woman later informed Pappa Shankar that nine children were born to this woman. But as soon as each baby was born, she strangled the new born baby and drank its blood.  The last baby was carried by her in her arms to the meeting.  This child was also wounded by her. After she was delivered from all these evil spirits, Pappa Shankar prayed for the healing of this baby.  After healing the baby in the Name of Jesus, Pappa Shankar gave this baby back to her mother.