Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter 7 - Stayed in a house haunted by evil spirits!

People being delivered from evil spirits!

Pappa Shankar alongwith her children went to a town called Mudalur in Tamil Nadu for ministry. After the meeting was over, she and her children were accommodated for their night stay in a shed adjacent to the venue of meeting.  That shed was used for burning the dead bodies according to the Hindu rites. Pappa Shankar was not aware of this when she stayed there alongwith her children. When she questioned the people who brought her to this shed, they told her, "Amma, (meaning mother in Tamil language), you can pray here well".
At mid-night, the windows of that shed opened suddenly with a bang. She saw human skeletons enter her room and saw them dance.  Her children feared and began to weep.  Her youngest child in her lap began to vomit. She cried out, "Oh, God, You have left us alone in this place!".
At that time, the father of Pappa Shankar came in search of her. He knocked at the door. She opened the room for him. He wondered as to how she came to stay in that "cremation ground".  She replied she did not know why.  Her father and she began to pray in that room for God's protection. All of a sudden, the room was filled with a bright light. God's presence filled that place and her baby was healed.
In the morning, the people of the town came to her room with the cups of coffee for her and her children. When she asked them as to why they had accommodated her and her children in that room, they replied coolly, "Some people wanted to tempt you.  Please do not curse us for this".  They pleaded her to forgive them and informed her that nobody else could stay in that room earlier. Afterwards, he alongwith his father and children left that town.