Pappa Shankar Ammal, an Indian woman used by God

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Chapter 8 - In perils of waters and of enemies!


Paul said, “In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren…” (II Cor.11:26). Pappa Shankar faced perils from her enemies, and perils during journeys for God’s work.

A scene from a crusade held in Arni, Tamil Nadu
The crowd swelled to 50, 000


Pappa Snakar along with her baby was on her way to a town called Tirupathi Saram in Andhra Pradesh. She had to cross a canal.  Her baby was carried by a helper. The gate of this canal was opened all of a sudden when she was crossing it.  The helper carrying her baby reached the shore. The flood water swept her away. To prevent her from being swept away by the water, she caught hold of a tree’s trunk.  After the water receded, she was rescued from the top of the tree on which she perched. When she alighted from the tree, she was bitten by a snake and fell unconscious. Her team members prayed for her and God saved her life.  In the evening, despite her bodily weakness, she stood on the dais for delivering God’s message during the meeting.  God performed great miracles on that day through her hands.  She was accommodated in a house for her night stay after the meeting. That house was located near a canal and the wall of that house was in a broken condition. As soon she entered the house, a cobra made a debut and rushed to her in a dancing posture. But God saved her life miraculously.  Later she came to know that her enemies had thrown the cobra in that house just to get her bitten by it.

When she along with her team was on their way to a town called Elluru in Andhra Pradesh, they were waylaid by a gang of terrorists known as Naxalites. They were in hiding under a bridge and wanted to ambush the vehicle that carried her. When the gang of Naxalites approached their vehicle, she prayed God shouting at the top of her voice. On hearing her prayer, they told her that she and her team appeared to be the true people of God. She and her team were then let off by the Naxalites.  

In the town of Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, she held the gospel meetings. An evil man grew jealous of her wondering as to how God used a woman like her. He came to the meeting with a cake, called Halwa in Tamil language,  mixed with poison. When he was approaching the meeting, the Holy Spirit revealed this secret to her.  She immediately informed a police inspector who was present during the meeting. When the cake (Halwa) was examined by the police, it contained poison.  That evil man was subsequently arrested by the police.  

She received an invitation for holding a meeting in the town of Valparai, Tamil Nadu. But the Holy Spirit hindered her from accepting this invitation.  However, she went to Valparai for the meeting. A man, namely, Deva Nesan, who arranged the meetings for ten days collected a lot of donations for the meeting and kept the same for himself. He then put Pappa Snakar and her team in a house and locked it from outside. When the believers brought this fact to the notice of some political leaders belonging to Congress party, she and her team members were set free. After some time, the wrath of God was poured on Deva Nesan, and he died under mysterious circumstances.